Quick Home Remedies For Indigestion From Ginger

Indigestion also known as Spepsia in scientific term is the most annoying common problem with us today. Majorly because of improper and unhealthy diet, stomach pain or discomfort become apparent. There are some quick home remedies for indigestion that will certainly help you when needed.

  • While suffering from Indigestion, you should take small piece of Ginger root, add 8-10 drops of Lemon and mix with rock Salt. Make a paste of it and consume it. After few minutes intake little Luke warm water. Do not eat heavy food for few day until problem comes to normal.


  • Take 10 gm of Cardamom & Raisins, add 1/2 tea spoon Cumin and mix it with 1 large Tb spoon Rock Salt. Mix this mixture with already prepared Ginger juice and make a paste. Divide the sauce in tree equal proportion and consume it on interval of one hour. You will surely feel comfort with it. After few hours when you feel hungry, try to intake only papaya for the day to keep your stomach clean.
  • If your are suffering from excessive stomach pain, take juice of 10 gm of Ginger root and mix it with 10 gm of Castor Oil and consume it. If you feel discomfort after having it, take little Cinnamon, add it with water. Boil it and drink slowly for relief.