Lemon Home Remedies For Face

Lemon is a citric fruit, rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, phosphorus and fruity acids. Fruit acids of lemon are good for skin and are very productive in enhancing your beauty. The natural acids of lemon gently removes dead skin cells and lighten up spots, clear facial discoloration. The acidity content absorbs oil from skin and cleans the pores of skin. It gives glowing and flawless skin. Preparing out something at home with Lemons isn’t hard and it can give you glowing skin instantly. Find out some quick Lemon Home Remedies here –

  • Take two tablespoon of gram flour and mix with it pinch of turmeric powder, raw milk, and juice of one lemon. Apply this paste over face. This reduces wrinkles and brightens skin color.
  • Mix milk cream with lemon juice and apply it over face and over other exposed areas of body like neck, elbow. Keep it for 20 mins and than wash it off with warm water. This  cleans up skin and make it glow.
  • After washing hairs with shampoo or soap, wash them with lemon juice. This will give you healthy, shiny hairs.
  • Mix honey and lemon juice in ratio of 2:1 and apply it over hairs. Leave it for 30 mins and than wash with water. This reduces hairfall.
  • Mix lemon juice with plain water and drink regularly. This will give you glowing face and skin.
  • Lemon works as magical elbow and knee bleacher. Rub lemon with water over elbow, knees and hands. This will reduces dark patches over these areas and reduce skin pigmentation.
  • In summer eating salads with lemon juice protects you from hot winds and also protects your skin from sun.
  • A mixture of lemon juice with baking soda serves as perfect teeth whitener.
  • Make a paste of Lemon peels with sea salt and peppermint oil . This paste proves to be an excellent scrub for exfoliating foot.
  • Apply lemon juice over lips and leave it overnight. This helps to remove dead skin cells and dried skin from lips.
  • Apply fresh lemon juice diluted with water, over affected area of face with acne, with the help of cotton pad. Leave it for about 10 to 15 mins and than wash it off with cold water. Regular use of lemon helps in healing acne.
  • Mix honey with it to reduce skin irritation.
  • Lemon are best known remedies to lighten pimple marks. Just scrub the lemon peel on face and leave it for 10 mins . wash it off with cold water. Repeat this for couple of days to notice changes.
  • The citric component of lemon helps to reduce blackheads. Directly application of fresh lemon juice extract over blackheads, remove them.