Health Benefits Of Soybeans

Doctors generally prescribe protein rich powders with milk for physical and muscular growth of a person. Compared to these powders, protein available from dietary food is more rich and helpful for body. Foods like various pulses, eggs, beans are rich in proteins but among all Soyabean is the richest source of dietary protein. Lets have a look on health benefits of Soybeans. Soyabean can be consumed in many forms like –

  • Soyabean seeds can be mixed with wheat flour to make Chappatis.
  • Plain Soyabean flour is also available in market.
  • Soyabean oil is considered as Friend of heart.
  • Soyabean chunks can be used to cook vegetables.
  • Snacks made of Soyabean like chips, fried foods are also available in market.

Soyabean is good for heart, especially in women. It prevents blocks in arteries and veins and also promotes hormonal growth in women.