How To Detox Your Entire Body To Lose Weight

detox your body

In today’s world, there are various types of dangerous chemicals and unhealthy toxins present in our surrounding environment which enters human body and causes major ailments and disorders like congenital heart disease, respiratory tract infection, and digestive problems and so on.

There are chemicals in our water, in our air, in the food we eat, in the cosmetic products we use, in shaving cream, shampoo and so on. We also pick up foreign chemicals from the atmosphere through breathing, smelling and inhalation, which interferes with our optimum health. Detoxification can be one solution if you want to eliminate disease naturally. We have heard lots of different method of detoxification but have you have done detox bath? Before we process, you need to understand few things about detoxification.

Some important information about detoxification:

  • The purpose of a detox is to purify the body of these foreign materials along with collected waste in order to improve healthy bodily functions and therapeutic healing.
  • Detoxification or detoxication as it is also called is the therapeutic removal of unhealthy toxic and lethal substances from an organism, including the human being.
  • Detoxification can be achieved by cleansing of poison absorption and the use of antidotes or medicines as well as by applying techniques like dialysis and chelation therapy.
  • Detoxification is a normal body process of eliminating or neutralizing toxins through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph glands, and skin.


Let us know how to do it for different types of need –


Alcohol detoxification:

If you are an alcohol addict and have a strong desire to drink alcohol, you may perhaps need Alcohol detoxification.

Alcohol detoxification is a process by which a heavy drinker is rehabilitated to his normal life after being exposed to continuous alcohol consumption for an extended period of time.

Sudden and rash cessation from long-term alcohol addiction without medical assistance may cause severe health disorders and can even prove to be fatal. After detoxification, other medical treatments must be followed up regularly to deal with the core addiction that caused the alcohol use.


Drug detoxification:

It is a psychotherapeutic treatment of patients addicted to long term substance abuse. Clinicians generally conduct drug detoxification program in a residential setting to decrease or get rid of withdrawal symptoms like sweating, agitation, anxiety and insomnia while helping them to lead their lives without drug use.

Drug detoxification centers provide treatment to avoid the symptoms of emotional and physical withdrawal from liquor and from other painkillers. Most also incorporate counseling and therapy during detox to help with the consequences of withdrawal.


Metabolic detoxification:

Metabolic detoxification is the key biological and organic process by which the human body gets rid of its potentially harmful chemicals. This is also known as xenobiotic metabolism because it is the primary process of getting rid of the body of foreign chemicals, however endogenously pro enzymes like cytochrome P450 oxidases, ghutathione S-transferases are important in detoxification metabolism.


Now let’s get to know about Detox bath

Detoxification is a procedure that permits you to efficiently flush out unwanted, damaging and injurious waste substances, to boost up your health status and well being, strengthening your immune system, body resistant power and ultimately preventing disease.


What is a detox bath?

Detox bath is originally based on the technique of hydrotherapy which uses water to improve blood circulation and encourages the body’s natural healing power to relieve pain, and symptoms, and enhances the overall functioning of the body.

It is all about cleansing human body of chemical deposits and excess adipose ultimately helping in weight loss. A detox bath for weight loss can help you bring your body back into equilibrium. Removal of harmful toxins from the body helps in better absorption of food nutrients, thus enhancing the metabolism of body functions. Many constituents present in detox bath are anti-inflammatory which means it greatly works for quick weight loss as inflammation may hinder the process of healthy weight loss efforts.

In addition to weight loss, detox bath to lose weight can highly be relaxing revitalizing. When you strongly think to manage your stress, it can be much easier to adhere to a healthy lifestyle schedule. But detox bath alone cannot do wonders as a magic weight loss cure; you still need incorporate healthy eating habits and do regular physical exercise.

Detox Bath


Simple ways to detox your body:

  • Lower sugar intake: Decrease the amount of sugar content in your diet which clearly help in preventing excess weight gain, and speed up body metabolism.
  • Increase water intake: you can detox your body by regularly drink one glass of warm water with half of a lemon juice in it which definitely works as detoxifying magical agent by removing metabolic wastes. The more hydrated you are, the less amount of toxins your body accumulates.
  • Physical exercise: Regular exercise helps in better blood circulation, better digestion and strengthens your mind and body which impacts your overall health.
  • Have Organic food: Reconfigure your diet with variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with whole grains, legumes, and nuts and almonds.
  • Meditation: Five minutes of regular meditation helps in cleansing your mind and body, it helps in easing depression, reduce anxiety and maintains harmony between mind and body.
  • Fermented foods: Fermented foods like yogurt in your detox will help ensure a positive stability of healthy emotional vegetation, digestion of food and a removal of damaging germs.
  • Herbs and Spices: Include Fennel in your diet which can lessen stomach bloating, gas and heartburn and improve the effect of detox. Ginger has anti-inflammatory property while mint leaves pacify your digestive system and improve bowel function.


Do detox baths work?

  • By removing body impurities and toxins, you look much younger, feel more rejuvenate, and lose your body weight without even going on a strict diet regimen.
  • Excess accumulation of toxins and chemicals cause drowsiness and lethargic both physically and mentally, detox baths help to flush out these unwanted toxic substances, making you feel more alive.
  • Helps to eliminate unwanted body impurities and excess fat, achieve a toned body and healthy body, efficient digestion, thus making you more energetic and active.
  • Detox bath to lose weight works magnificently to overcome the problematic issue of excess body weight, making it easier and quicker to lose weight effectively and naturally.
  • As it is made of magnesium sulfate, it not only removes dirt and toxins, but also improves digestion and strengthens your immune system.
  • Relieves you from the problem of constipation and improper bowel functions.
  • With having a detox bath for just 10 minutes a day can help to eliminate metabolic wastes and excess fatty tissue and also help you achieve a shaped body, healthy skin and higher energy levels.


So, now you know how to detox your body and mind and say “Goodbye forever” to your accumulated body cellulite while improving immune system by using Detox bath regularly for 10 minutes.

Detox Bath