A Complete Guide – The Art Of Healthy Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating

Have you been eating unconsciously, putting everything in your mouth which you feel is fine for that moment and then suffer the consequences later?

Well, it’s time to embrace mindful eating habits. A very simple approach where you learn to pay attention to the food that you eat and understand the following:

  1. Why you eating
  2. What emotions are being triggered while you eating
  3. How is the look, smell and taste of the food that you are eating
  4. How full you feel during or after the meal and what are the emotions during or after the meal
  5. How you feel when you taste and digest the food and a lot more

These questions might look irrelevant because you may feel I eat when I am hungry and that’s it. Why should I even be concerned about mindful eating tips? Eating mindfully may not seem realistic to some because of certain other factors also like, busy family life, jobs and several other myriad of distractions.

It may seem strange but eating is a skill, a form of meditation and the choices we make in food affect our health, mood and quality of life too. It is not just about chewing your food properly, eating at right time or eating slowly. There is more to it and mindful eating is a very practical practice that can help you immensely if you follow it religiously.


Mindful eating benefits

There are ample of mindful eating benefits, but here we will go through a handful of them, but when you will practice it, you will find many more.

  • Firstly, you will learn when you are hungry and when you need to stop eating.
  • Secondly, you learn to taste food and enjoy eating it apart from making healthy choices
  • Thirdly, it will be easier to get rid of excess weight
  • Fourthly, you will understand and learn that unhealthy choices of food are not that great in taste and they don’t leave you with good emotions
  • Fifthly, social overeating problem will not be there anymore as you will be eating mindfully though you will take time to learn this
  • Sixthly, you will know what emotions got to do with food and be able to handle those emotional issues by making right food choices
  • Seventhly, you will learn which food will improve your workout plan

Some of the easiest tips for mindfully healthy eating are given below:

Embrace silence: Eating in complete silence may not be possible if you staying with your family, kids, pets, etc. You can introduce a quiet meal time here.

Train your pets in such a way too. A little weird but if applied intelligently, it can work well. You will also be able to lose weight with mindful eating as you will pay more attention to food, and if you flavor the taste then it will help you to feel full in less number of bites than often.

You will concentrate on the food, eat slowly and digestion will be better too. So, eating in silence will help you perform food meditation easily.

 Eating Mindful

Make a good relationship with you food: To make a good relationship with anyone, you need to know who the person, what are his qualities, traits, etc. It is similar with the food. You need to know what food you eating, what it will give your body for nourishment and how it can be bad for you.

For example, protein powder, it offers good benefits when you working out in the gym. It will help you build muscles; boost your metabolism, etc. On the other hand if you are already overweight and your protein intake is more, than either uric acid levels may rise in the body or you may gain weight, because you are not able to burn it.

You would need to go for balanced nutrition powder that can help you fulfil the needs of the body and if you working out, then help you improve on fitness goals. So, you need to know your food well to make healthy choices.

The importance of protein in the body cannot be taken for granted, but it must be balanced. If you take it properly implementing the eating mindfully tips, then it cannot be harmful because you will tune in to your own body’s wisdom and make the right choice.

This is how you will achieve your balanced diet and nutrition goals.


Responding well to the hunger signals of the body:

When you see food or feel hungry, you can always ask yourself that are you really hungry or you simply fulfilling your emotional needs. Ask yourself, does my body needs it or demands it?

Tune into your body and ask what it needs or it is just a signal from mind. Usually, you eat when your mind tells you to, not when your body does it. It will also help you understand what is actually making you sick and what keeps you more comfortable in your body.

Understand more about it:

Eating mindfully is vast topic and it offers a lot of essential information which many are curious to know about. So, when they go through the mindful eating resources they understand that it is a full study. Knowing the subject in detail will help you understand the advantages and application of this knowledge will also become easy.

If someone understands this essential and open secret, then it can help you lose weight, be more fit and enjoy living healthy. You will not just look good from outside but it will also make you very satisfied from inside as it is all about making good habits where eating mindfully is one such habit.