Colic In Babies: What It Is? Symptoms Causes And Remedies


Babies are a gift of GOD and whatever the baby does, the family enrolls into the world of pleasure. But this delight turns into sadness when the baby suffers from colic. Your all efforts go in vain to make your baby comfortable in this disease. Their continuous cries becomes the most heartbreaking moments for you and parenting a cranky baby is a huge challenge. Today we are going to discuss Colic in Babies which is really a nightmare when child suffers a lot and parent not able to figure out the main cause.


Every parent must know what exactly the baby colic is. Babies with colic, cry continually with no apparent reason. They do not stop crying for more than three hours and this problem continues for at least three days in a week and that too for at least three weeks continually. It’s a puzzling behavior, which can’t be understood, but it is not the disease. It becomes extremely difficult to make your baby calm.


For better protection, you must know the symptoms, causes, and remedies of colic in babies, which are as follows:



The main symptoms of colic in babies are:

  • When they cry, their face becomes red.
  • Baby with colic cries more intense than normal and the sound is like a high-pitched scream.
  • Colicky babies cannot be quiet.
  • There are some more symptoms of colic in babies like an arched back, clenched fists, a flushed face during cry, bloated stomach, gas, tightened stomach muscles and curling the body towards the center.
  • Colic children are over stimulated.  The joy of baby converts into suffering, sleeplessness and even panic. Large consumption of coffee like products can cause colic.




You must know what causes colic in babies but exact causes are unknown. There are some theories behind colic and these are as follows:

  • An improper balance of healthy intestinal microflora could cause colic for young infants. Parents should consult a doctor about colic to control other complications.
  • Urinary infections or intestinal issues are caused in infected babies.
  • Food allergies or sensitivity can cause tummy pain and then it may cause colicky behavior.
  • Colic in babies can infect their digestion system and intestinal Gas is due to Immature Digestion.
  • The developing nervous system can also cause the colic.
  • Hormones are also the reason behind colic.
  • Colic generally finds in the moody babies.
  • There may be some other reasons like infection, irregular heartbeat, eye problem, bone or muscle injury and so on.



This frequent cry of a baby can make you frustrated, but more than this you will feel guilty for your disability to see your child happy. Generally, the instruction that is being given to the parents is to stay calm in this very situation. But staying calm becomes impossible which is very obvious as well. Well, to tackle such a situation the following Colic remedies for babies prove to be helpful.




This is a must. The response of the parents must be quick to the child. Whenever the baby starts crying because of colic, you must respond to him/her quickly. This care will surely reduce the cry of the baby.



A baby suffering from colic need to be exposed to new experiences in stimulating environments especially in the early evening or late afternoon. In that situation, you can try to excise excitement within the baby. See his response. The more he responds, the faster he will recover from the situation.



Try to create a peaceful environment around the baby. Sing a song and soothe his soul with unlimited care and love. Keep the whole environment calm and peaceful without any distractions.



Colic is caused by the food that is eaten by breastfeeding mothers. In that case, there are some things that one should remember for the ease of the baby:

  • Feed the baby whenever he is hungry. Both time feedings and late feedings generally cause colic.
  • After the feeding, the baby must do walking, rocked and taken for a drive. This will reduce the colic in the infant and he will feel better.
  • It can be reduced by applying pressure to baby’s tummy. Place the baby with his face down on your arm and let his belly touch you. After that, gently rub the back. This will give him relief. Moreover, if pressure is being placed on the abdomen, then also the baby will be relieved.

So, what can you give a newborn for Colic? Usually, nothing except mother’s milk or at times water or another liquid substance is allowed to newborns. Colic drops or anti-gas drops can be provided before each feed so that the chances of gas in the stomach can be reduced. Gripe water is a boon in this situation. Gripe water made up of herbs and sodium bicarbonate instantly provides relief to the body. But, before giving it to the baby, it is advisable to consult a doctor.


  • Put a warm water bottle on baby’s belly.
  • Take him/her in Lap and rub the back.
  • To keep a check on normal feeding of babies is necessary. After consulting the Pediatrician, a pro-biotic treatment is usually the best which mainly includes Lactobacillus reuteri. It can help the babies to overcome colic.
  • In case of frequent vomiting, an acid medicine is beneficial for infected babies.
  • Rock and roll the baby. Taking him for a ride in the car, rocking him in the arms, singing a song for him, are all the measures to soothe the child.
  • Apply warm cloth on the tummy of the baby or give him a warm
  • Move the legs of the baby in pedaling motion, as this will also provide relief to the baby.
  • Wrapping the child in a warm blanket also gives him relief.
  • Proper rest should be given to the babies.
  • Be close to babies, they can feel uncomfortable in open space.
  • Observe that Noise which can focus their attention, comfort them and reduce their crying.
  • Fresh air has the magical power to soothe them and these elements convert their mood and give them comfort.

These babies’ health tips would not necessarily eradicate the problem of Colic in your baby but would definitely ease it down and would vanish gradually.



Colic generally causes pain in the stomach of the baby and because of that reason; the baby cries nonstop. The situation becomes unbearable for the parents, as they become helpless. At that time, the remedies explained earlier can give a relief to the baby and he/she will feel relaxed about it. Anyways, if everything else fails, just calm yourself and gently make the environment peaceful. It is very challenging to deal out with the problem of colic. It’s normal to feel angry, but don’t get excessively frustrated by the situation. Rather, sought it out with peace and calmness.