Why Our Body Needs Protein – Know Protein Benefits For You

Protein Benefits

You might have heard regarding the importance of protein in the body. It is a source of Nutrition and many don’t understand what protein is and how it is important to the body?  All these questions will be answered in this article. So keep reading!

What actually protein is?

Protein is among the three most necessary nutrients found in our food. It is Carbohydrate, Fat and Protein.

Around 17%-18% of our body weight compromises of Protein which comes after the amount of water (60%) in our body. Proteins are usually string like molecules. These molecules are called amino acids. These amino acids form chains, different number of formations to make up a single protein. Some proteins are solid, some are mobile and some proteins might need minerals, vitamins to function.

The need of Protein in our body

Is it that without proteins our body won’t function? Or Proteins are only nutrients we need? If not then why our body needs protein? Going by the structural presence and physiological functions, Protein is vital to keep our Body system immune, produce, repair cells/ tissues and maintain healthy body.

The world protein came from Greek word “Protos” meaning taking the first place. You can term these Amino acids as sugar. As sugar gets mixed with other ingredients and gets dissolved, the same way Amino acids functions with other nutrients to keep our body functioning.

So, we require Protein for Energy and for regular working of the body. These Amino acids are comprised of Hydrogen, oxygen and, nitrogen and carbon. In fact the only way to have nitrogen in our body is due to proteins present in these Amino Acids. These Amino acids breaks down in the digestion process and rebuilds after intake of protein substituent.

Presence of protein

In each cell/tissue of our body, Protein is found which means the very foundation of our skin, ligament, bones and muscles are due to Proteins. This is the reason why even doctors as well as trainers suggest including protein in the diet. It needs to be continuous and constant because our body wards off dead cells and tissues and proteins helps them in maintaining the proper growth of cells and tissues in our body.

Protein Structure

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The benefits of proteins are endless as protein comes in various forms and it performs various body functions like the working of keratin that helps in rebuilding and enriching the hairs and fingernails.

Proteins also play a very important role in transporting other essential nutrients like Oxygen, mineral and vitamins throughout the body. The fluid compositions remain balanced in the body because some of the proteins restrict the excess fluid moving out of the body.

A proper balance in the body has to be maintained pertaining to muscle contraction, ligament structure and if imbalance occurs, the body is more prone to affecting vital organs like heart and kidney. Thus, presence of protein is vital in the body.

Protein protects as Antibodies

Proteins works like antibodies for virus and bacteria invading in the body. They actually destroy these antigens and help us from getting sick or infected from the diseases.

Proteins are also present in our hormones which are carried by the bloodstream to a particular place in body from where it regulates. This is why when there is blood sugar levels variations in body insulin hormones are given to ensure proper regulation and boost of energy levels.

Proteins benefits do not end here. They do carry out various other functions; for example, enzymes regulate the body metabolism and act as a buffer regulating the acid base in the body. Without proteins our body will not be active and one might feel sick and dull.

Protein for Maintaining Weight

As per a study, the meal feels more filling and satisfying due to the presence of proteins in it. It helps in maintaining a healthy weight. People who want to gain weight also need to have more proteins and people who have a healthy and muscular body also consume protein diet to maintain it.

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For weight loss Protein benefits are much more. According to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, if we increase the intake of proteins and decrease fat from our diet, it would be much helpful in losing weight.

Protein Rich Diet

Our body needs all types of nutrients and a healthy balance of each nutrient is of utmost importance. Proteins are needed but they may vary according to the age, illness or body type. This is the reason one must opt for protein rich foods.

Protein Benefits

A protein rich diet contains those foods in which amino acids profile is much higher than other foods. The food that we get from animals or rather animal products like eggs, meat, milk, other dairy products, etc. have a very high amino acid profile resulting into protein rich diet.

There are few vegetables which are high in protein. Some food may not individually be protein-rich, but when it is combined with other foods it becomes rich in protein, like, whole grains (wheat bread) mixed with dairy product, (Cheese) Cheese Sandwich etc.


So, now you might be pretty clear regarding what proteins are and why it is important for the body. It is pretty much clear that proteins are indeed very much important for a steady and balanced health.

As we exercise and remain active in routine life the amino acids gets digested and molecules breaks down. To retain a proper level and continuous functioning of our body, protein is one of the most important nutrients which our body needs.

The benefits of protein on health are invincible which is why we are always advised to get more protein. However, you might think that consuming more protein rich foods can help you have a muscular body, but that is not advisable.

Extra protein intake does not boost muscle growth. In fact, excessive protein may lead to reduce in food appetite resulting into weight loss. In fact, it may harm your kidneys. So, having adequate amount of protein is necessary for our body.