Best Home Remedies Using Guava – Key To Escape From Many Disease

Guava is a tropical fruit with unique flavor taste and health prompting nutrients and in this post we will see most of the benefits and best home remedies using Guava. It is known as super rich source of Vitamin C fruit although Amla and cherry are considered to be most rich in Vitamin C but due to easy availability and high computation, Guava is referred as richest source of Vitamin C. Skin of Guava fruit has most Vitamins C. The amount of Vitamin C decreases as we move in from skin to middle pulp of the fruit. So it is always advisable to eat Guava with its skin. It is useful in healing of many diseases. Some of the use of Guava is –

In Piles – Consumption of Guava in empty stomach is very useful for people suffering from Piles.

In Constipation – People having complains of constipation should have Guava regularly. It softens the stools due to its rich source of soluble dietary fibre which makes it a good bulk laxative.

In Stomach Pain – Wash leaves of Guava fruit cleanly and then grinds them. Now mix the pate with water and filter it. Drink this water to relieve stomach pain.

In Cough – Eat Guava after heating it in warm sand. This will give relieve from all kind of cough.

In Toothache – Chewing fresh green Guava leaves can benefit you from teeth pain.

In Mouth Sores – Mix juice of leaves of Guava with catechu and apply it over mouth sore. This will help in healing of sores.

Or Apply Catechu over over it and chews the leaf to cure mouth sores.

In Gum Inflammation – Gargle everyday from water boiled with leaves of Guava fruits. It will relieve Gum inflammation.

In Intestinal Sores – Person with intestinal sores would be made to drink juice or eat Guava every day. Due to presence of Tannic acid, Guava heals the sores.


Other Health Benefit Of Guava –

  • Prevent prostate cancer and high blood pressure
  • Fight Diabetes by lowering blood glucose levels and avoid scurvy.
  • Improve fertility.
  • Prevent from Thyroid.