Benefits Of Brussels Sprouts To Lose Weight

benefits of Brussels sprouts

Give a kick start to your weight loss plan with Brussels sprouts.  From fall through late winter, these are available to give you appropriate nutrition and satisfaction to your belly. These are the best sprouts for weight loss as they are packed with nutrients and fill the dieters.

Don’t worry, these Barbie sized cabbages will please your taste buds too as they taste extremely delicious when roasted and the benefits of Brussels sprouts are many to keep your fitness goals on track.

Let’s check some interesting facts about Brussels sprouts and it will be a wow deal, not just for losing weight, but to keep you completely satisfied in every way.


  • They look like baby cabbages as they are a part of the same family
  • They are called Brussels sprouts because they are from Brussels. The earlier versions are from ancient Rome, but the recent ones are cultivated in Belgium since the 16th
  • They are the sprouts for health as they have a high medicinal value. These are prescribed by the doctors to improve digestive problems and are well known in Chinese medicine.
  • It is hated in Britain, but is grown there 6 times more than what is grown in the US.
  • The buds can be grown about anywhere, but most of the production happens in California.
  • They last longer on the stalk rather than in the fridge.
  • You will love to seek Brussels sprouts nutrition as they are an excellent source of beta carotene, vitamin C, Vitamin K and Vitamin A. They are high in selenium, have the potential to increase male virility, and full of iron, magnesium, folic acid and fiber.
  • They can reduce risk of certain type of cancers
  • If you are on anticoagulant medication then please consult your doctor for the amount of Brussels sprouts which you can consume to avoid any type of complications.
  • The variety is numerous. They vary in size and flavour.

Enjoy fantabulous health benefits including this cruciferous vegetable in your diet:


  • Prevents cancer: A lot of studies have been conducted on this special food in PubMed which is the national library of medicine in Washington DC. The studies are conducted in relation to its cancer healing properties. It is ideal for the prevention of cancer which includes breast cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, etc.


  • Body cleansing: It works well when it comes to body detoxification system. The presence of sulphur content in these sprouts helps in detoxification. Sulphur helps in removing dietary and environmental toxins from the body. Environmental toxins trigger unwanted changes in the DNA and Brussels sprouts helps to prevent the changes that occur due to environment toxins.


In the detoxification process, body requires antioxidants and Brussels sprouts include many antioxidant flavonoids which are vital for a natural cleanse. Always use fresh sprouts for detoxification and not the ones from the refrigerator. They should not be decolorized or blanched.


  • Less in calories: It is a natural weight loss food. The fiber in Brussels sprouts helps to lose weight as they are low in fat. They are high in protein and low in calories too. So, instead of going for high calorie source of protein you can stick to these sprouts as it will fill you up.


The calories from Brussels sprouts won’t amount like red meat or chicken and give you the right amount of nutrition that your body requires.


  • Improves beauty: It prevents premature graying of hair and keeps your eyes bright and healthy. It has copper which helps to keep your skin healthy. Copper also produces elastin and collagen which keeps the skin firm. The regenerated tissues are repaired with the presence of vitamin C and the body’s immune system is boosted with the presence of vitamin C in these sprouts.


Some cooking basics to enjoy the taste and health benefits simultaneously:


Though there are many Brussels sprouts benefits to include them in your diet. There are some basics which one must pay attention to for good results.

On a daily basis, 3/4th cup of Brussels sprouts or ten cups in a week should be consumed. It should not be overcooked else the nutritional value will diminish. If you want them to be well cooked, cut it in quarters, cook on the flame for 5 minutes and then let it be steamed for five minutes more to minimize the odour.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

All the health promoting qualities can be extracted in this way of cooking. For flavour, you can add honey mustard dressing or squeeze a lemon. The health benefits will also add.  While purchasing, choose the ones that have smaller heads. These cook easily as they are tender and the flavour is also pleasing.

So, you can see the amount of benefits Brussels sprouts have to offer. It is good for your overall health and provides appropriate nutrition when taken in right quantity and regularly. If you want to improve your diet, then it should be amongst the top foods in your grocery list and you will eliminate potential health risks too.