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A lot of people think that body shape is purely genetic and nothing can be done about it. However, body shape is affected by hormonal imbalances. Therefore, you may be under a misconception that the term ‘body type’ means the way you look. But, there is more to it.

Your body also responds to the food you eat and that is why healthy eating is recommended by most of the doctors and dieticians. Body responds to the food you eat and the metabolic differences are also linked to the body type. As per the body type and your health related goals, the nutrition has to be adjusted.


Your body type matters a lot to stay fit

There are actually four basic body types like, adrenal, thyroid, ovary and liver. Therefore, eating healthy is recommended to meet your body needs. If you know your body type, you can customize your eating plan accordingly that will also help you lose weight and stay fit.

You don’t have to starve in any of such situations, but adopt a healthy eating plan and exercise schedule to get complete benefit.

Let’s check the body types in detail and find what triggers the body type, what can control it, what food choices you must make and what type of exercise program can keep you in good shape.


  • Adrenal Body:

When your body becomes stressful it releases a hormone in the body known as cortisol. It is a belly fat hormone due to which fat starts to accumulate more at the mid section of the body. So, food is stored around the liver, kidney and heart.


Symptoms: Lack of energy, tiredness, difficulty to get out of the bed, digestive problems, decreased sex drive and a lot more


Triggers: Salt, sugar and some kind of drugs (medicines)


Exercise and food habits: Losing weight for adrenal body type is a challenge and therefore, people with such body type need to develop healthy eating habits. They should consume foods that are low in salt and fat like low fat dairy products, fresh fruits, and whole grain carbohydrates.


Relieving stress is one important factor for Adrenal body type as it results in sleep deprivation, increase in appetite and depression. They need to indulge in stress relieving activities like, yoga, meditation and breathing exercises.


  • Ovary body type:

Hip and belly fat are predominant characteristics of the ovarian body type. Ovaries make estrogen, and when it is not under control extra fat can accumulate on hips, thighs and lower part of belly, just below the belly button. As there in increased production of estrogen it causes fat to develop around the ovaries. Lower body is affected more here. Your waist is smaller and lower part is more bulgy.


Symptoms: Menstrual cycle of a woman is disturbed and it leads to excessive bleeding and pain. Other symptoms are ovarian cysts, cyclic mood swings, infertility, hot flashes, night sweats, etc.


Triggers: Sugar triggers this body type and leaves a toxic effect on the body. It leads to increased cellulite and breakdown of muscle proteins.


Exercise and food habits: Physical exercise is necessary to flush out the toxins which blocks natural fat burning process. The body needs to be detoxified and one should not eat a large meal or any kind of snack before going to bed.


Raw fruit or Soy milk instead of regular milk should be consumed to begin the day. They must not depend on a cup of coffee in the morning. They must cling on healthy foods to eat which can control this hormonal imbalance and keep their weight under control.


Regular walking or jogging is the best solution for such body type. Later on, to increase the intensity of these exercises, they must carry light weight on arms. Full body workout is essential here. They must get indulged in gymnastics or dancing. It is because the balance must be created for lower and upper body.


  • The liver body Type:

Liver is a major organ for filtration and detoxification of the body. It performs many functions like, digestion, immune system responds; sugar storage, etc. So if the liver is weak or damaged it may cause bulging of the belly just under the rib cage.

Such body shape craves for chocolates, fried foods, and alcohol. They have thin legs and protruding belly. They get digestive problems like gas, heartburn, etc. They crave carbohydrates for energy.


Triggers: junk food, fried food, alcohol, soft drinks, etc.

Symptoms: Pot belly, foggy brain during the morning time, burping and bloating after eating, irritable mood, etc.

Exercise and food habits: Liver detoxification and consumption of fruits and vegetables is a must. They must involve in plenty of cardio and aerobic exercises to get the benefit. Interval training is the best for them to burn fat and condition the heart. It improves fat burning capabilities.

Pilates and Yoga is ideal to strengthen the core muscles for such body type.


  • Thyroid body type:

This body type gains weight all over the body. Every cell of the body is controlled by thyroid and when the gland is not performing the job properly, it results in sluggishness and weight gain as metabolic rate slows down. Estrogen hormone is responsible for this. Increase in estrogen slows down thyroid.

Symptoms include gradual steady increase in weight, poor focus, dry skin, hair loss, constipation, lack of interest, etc.


Triggers: Sugar, white flower, pasta and white bread. Eating eggs, chicken, fish and vegetable s in moderation is very helpful. Carb intake should be limited and caffeine must be completely eliminated.

Exercise and food habits: Aerobic exercises and resistance training is important for this body type. Weight training workouts helps to add muscles which improves the metabolic rate and finally reduces weight. Thrice week weight training is recommended for such body type.

So, now you know your body type and can understand how to eat healthy to lose weight. Though there are many more characteristics of such body type and to get more information, you can research about it more.

This will help you develop a proper eating and exercise schedule to get good results. Consulting a doctor will also be beneficial as some of you may need to take some medication for controlling the hormone levels in the body for best results.

The most crucial habit to adopt is mindful eating as this is the key to lose weight and stay on the right track. It will eliminate mood swings, allow you to enjoy your meal, stay away from unhealthy food and keep you satisfied as you will make healthy food choices.

Begin now and gain greater balance and stability in life !