7 Days Meal Plan For Diabetics | Type 1 Diabetes Meal Plan

7 Days Meal Plan For Diabetics

Very often we found that the diabetic patient keep looking for best meal plan and express desire to eat all variety of food. It is very tough to allow them everything if they are diagnosed with diabetes. Diet is the most primary thing that gets affected when you are fighting a battle with type 1 diabetes every day. The battle seems never ending without a finish line and you keep fighting for your health in several ways which many may not understand.

You may or may not have a diabetic meal plan for a week but, if you do have one then you needs to ask some questions to yourself.


  1. What should be the carbohydrate intake
  2. What all foods you should eat or avoid at all costs
  3. How many meals you must eat

A famous physician, researcher and author Dean Michael Ornish said that heart diseases and diabetes results in more deaths worldwide than everything combined and these are easily preventable without the use of drugs or surgery by making comprehensive changes in your lifestyle.


Think about it because type 1 diabetes meal plan for 7 days can help you keep your blood sugar levels controlled. It is a proven fact that including low carb diet recipes in your diet improve blood sugar levels and aid in weight loss too. It also improves digestion, offers some brain boosting benefits.

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Do not eliminate carbs from your diet

No carb diet is a myth as it can affect your body adversely. No carbs is a bad move because it will drain your strength and energy which will eventually kill your productivity. Though you will definitely lose weight by cutting on carbs and survive well without them. However, there is a difference between survival and getting satisfying or startling results.

 low carb vegitables

Tip on carb intake:

Breakfast should be the most important meal of the day but low carb diet recipes for diabetics means you must not have more than 6 grams of carbs in breakfast and 12 grams of carbs in lunch and dinner.


The key is, your diet should be right and include all those healthy foods which fulfils the nutritional demands of body. So, here is the 7 day meal plan which will include some diabetic meal recipes that are mostly plant-based, gluten free and low in carbs. The diets will include enough amount of protein too. Adhering to the diet schedule will keep your insulin levels stable throughout the day. The mix of nutritious foods in this diet plan and the balanced intake of carbohydrates will help in diabetes management precisely.

Day 1:

  1. Breakfast: Vegetable omelet.


Prep: Add half cup spinach leaves and mushrooms to one egg white where you can add onion, garlic and herbs as per your desire. Cook in olive or canola oil. Top it with 1/4th cup of low fat cheese and serve with a whole grain toast spread and ½ cup fat free milk.


Diet benefit: Spinach is rich in magnesium that regulates blood sugar levels. Garlic and green veggies will keep your diabetes controlled too. Egg white will give protein to the body. Low fat cheese, fat free milk and whole grain toast will fulfill the carbohydrates requirement of the body.

  1. Lunch: Mixed salad.

Prep: Take two cup green veggies, 3/4th cup of low fat cottage cheese and ½ cup of mandarin orange slice with 2 tbsp of Italian dressing. The dressing should be light. Now add chopped walnuts and almonds from the top. You can eat with 5 whole grain crackers.

Diet Benefits: Diabetics are encouraged to eat more green leafy vegetables because of rich antioxidant properties which help to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes as well. Mandarin orange helps to get better blood sugar results and makes weight management easy. Light Italian dressing contains less carbs and has mono-saturated fats that reduce LDL cholesterol levels if taken in correct quantity else it may increase fat. Almonds contain many nutrients and vitamin E and walnuts have omega 3 fatty acids which reduce bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol in body. It also reduces heart risk which type 1 diabetic patients may suffer from eventually. Whole grain crackers complete nutritional needs of the body and keep you full.

  1. Dinner: Grilled fish tacos.


Prep: Take two corn tortillas and put 2 oz of grilled fish with some seasoned rice vinegar and shredded cabbage between them. You can top this with 2 tbsp sour cream and serve this with two cups of vegetables like green beans, onions, eggplant or mushrooms with light Italian dressing and 1 tbsp of olive oil. Grill and enjoy.


Diet benefits: Corn tortillas are carbohydrates which have less GI and perfect for diabetics if eaten in less quantity. Sour cream is a low carb food and when served with veggies like green beans, onions, eggplant and mushrooms, will help to reduce blood sugar levels in the body. You must eat gluten-free diet recipes so fish will give you required amount of animal protein and it is not red meat so it will not be harmful for the body. It reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Macro value: half cup spinach -3.5 cal, mushrooms 0.8 cal one egg white 17 cal, eggplant 132, onion 16, garlic 4, 1 tbsp olive oil 114, low fat cheese, 49, whole grain toast 60 cal, 1 corn tortilla 52 cal, grilled fish of 3 ounces 82 cal, Italian dressing with reduced fat 11 cal, 1 tbsp sour cream 23 cal, green beans 11 cal, eggplant 17 cal, mushrooms 10 cal, fat free milk 1 cup 100 cal, whole grain toast spread 69 cal, 1 mandarin orange 52 cal, 0.25 cup grounded walnuts 131 cal and almonds 132 calories.

Benefit of the diet: You will not consume more than 1200 to 1500 calories a day.


Day 2:

Breakfast: Pancakes.

Prep: Take 1 whole wheat pancake and not more than the diameter of 6”. Add one tablespoon of 100 percent fruit spread or 2 tbsp of sugar free syrup. Eat with 1 cup of fat free milk or soy which is rich in calcium.

Diet benefits: Pancakes made of wheat flour have healthy carbs which will fulfill your energy needs with sugar free syrup and fat free milk.

Lunch: Tuna sandwich: Mix 2 oz water packed tuna with two tbsp of regular mayonnaise. Add 4 large black olives fully chopped. Take 2 whole grain bread slices and spread it on them. You can top this with a lettuce leaf and half cup of small sliced tomatoes.

Diet benefits: Tuna will give healthy fat to body and offer brain boosting benefits too. Olives are nutritious and rich in antioxidants which are useful for diabetics. Lettuce leaf has high fiber and other nutrients important for the body.

Dinner: Chicken and vegetables. Grill 2 oz of chicken breasts which should be seasoned with herbs and a cup of vegetables including mushrooms, zucchini and ball peppers which should be tossed in a tbsp of olive oil. As you are suffering from diabetes high protein diet is not good. It should be balanced.

Diet benefits: Bell peppers reduce the risk of hyperglycemia, obesity and diabetes. Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants and they control blood sugar levels as well.  Chicken breasts are low in cholesterol and saturated fats. Zucchini supports the digestive system and regulates blood sugar level in the body.

Macro value: whole wheat pancakes 92 cal, 1 tbsp fruit spread 40 cal, sugar free syrup 0 cal, 1 can white tuna fish without oil 158 cal, 1tbsp fat free mayonnaise 99 cal, 1 black olive 5 cal, lettuce leaf 15 cal, 1 chicken breast (broiler) 135 cal, 0.75 cup zucchini 20 cal, 0.5 cup bell peppers 15 cal.


Day 3:

  1. Breakfast: Oatmeal

Prep: 1 cup oatmeal cooked in water with 2 tbsp of walnuts, ground cinnamon and sugar substitute is great in taste. You can serve this with ½ cup of fat free milk or soy beverage rich in calcium.

Diet benefits: Oatmeal gives enough energy to the body and keeps you full. Cinnamon helps to control diabetes and soy is packed with nutrients too which lowers blood pressure and insulin levels in the body.

  1. Lunch: Grilled chicken salad:

Prep: Take 2 cups of mixed greens, ½ cup sliced tomato and cucumbers and ¼ sliced carrots. Top this with grilled chicken breast. You can use avocado (1/4th cup) and fat free plain yogurt (1/2 cup) dressing. Add vinegar and herbs to taste where you can serve this with 2 slices of crisp bread crackers (whole grain)

Diet benefits: Vegetables topped with chicken breasts gives complete nutrition to the body and keeps you active. Avocados lower blood pressure, insulin levels and cholesterol in the body. Plain yogurt will improve digestion, and rich in calcium. Vinegar improves insulin sensitivity which is ideal for diabetes management.

Macro value: Oatmeal 150 cal,  1 serving soy beverage 73 cal, 1 tsp Cinnamon 6 cal, Yogurt  154 cal, 1 tsp vinegar 3 cal

  1. Dinner: Broccoli salad.

Prep: You can add end number of vegetables here. Firstly heat 2 tbsp of oil oil and add ginger garlic paste to it. Once it is brown, add ½ cup sliced onions, green capsicum, yellow capsicum, carrots and broccoli. Steam the vegetables till they feel half cooked. Add black pepper and salt to taste. Top with lettuce leaf and serve with a slice of whole grain toast bread.

Diet benefits: Fresh chicken is gluten free and if it is grilled, then it is a great option for diabetes patient. Garlic reduces blood sugar levels in the body, decreases blood pressure and incidence of heart diseases. Black pepper contains Polyphenols which are antioxidants and protects against cancer and heart diseases.


Day 4:

  1. Breakfast: Cacao maca energizing smoothie.

Prep: Take half cup avocado, 1tbsp of cacao, maca powder and chia seeds, 2 tbsp of desiccated coconut and 1 cup non-dairy milk. Blend till the mixture feels creamy and nice. Add some milk if you need more liquid texture and then top it with 2 tbsp of cacao nibs, mulberries and goji berries. Your smoothie is ready.

Diet benefits: Severely impaired blood vessels functioning gets normal with Cacao Maza and reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases. Chia seeds have healthy omega 3 fatty acids and good source of protein and antioxidants. Goji berries stabilize blood sugar levels, protect eye health, detoxify liver and boost fertility. It offers many other advantages too. Mulberries is used in Chinese medicine for the treatment of diabetes and suppresses the blood sugar levels.

  1. Lunch: Vegetable Sausage and Cheddar Frittata.

Prep: Preheat the broiler and place a 12 inch ovenproof nonstick skillet on a medium heat. Now coat the pan with cooking spray and add mushrooms and black pepper chopped. Saute for 3 minutes. Add sausage, pepper and salt. Reduce the flame and cook for a minute. On this sausage mixture carefully add egg substitute and cook for 6 minutes. Frittata will become moist. Sprinkle some cheese and broil for two more minutes. Cut the sausages in 8 pieces and consume.

Diet benefits: Cheddar Frittata benefits diabetics as it is low in calories. It tastes good and loaded with many nutrients and antioxidants to keep the heart healthy.

  1. Dinner: Soup and salad.

Prep: Take 5 to 6 tomatoes, cut them and boil in water for ten minutes. Cool it now. Once cooled, grind it in mixer. Now take a deep pan and add 1 tbsp of butter. Now add some chopped onions and keep cooking them till they are golden brown. Now add the grinded mixture of tomato and cover the lid for 15 minutes. Now, add some salt to taste and black pepper powder. Add sugar free syrup 1 tbsp. Keep it for another 5 minutes on low flame. Simultaneously toss 2 cups of spinach in one tbsp of olive oil and top it with reduced fat mozzarella cheese and balsamic vinegar.

Diet benefits: Soup and salad is highly nutritious as all the ingredients are full of packed nutrients and antioxidant properties to keep diabetes in control.

Macro value: 1 tsp Cacao Maza 20 cal, Maca powder 15 cal, 10 gram desiccated coconut 16.2 cal, 2 tbsp cacao nibs 2 tbsp, 0.5 cup mulberries, 30 WebMDGram 110 cal, goji berries 30 cal, 100 grams chia seeds 486 cal, 1 Cheddar Frittata 370 cal.

Day 5:

  1. Breakfast: Honey grapefruit with banana.

Prep: Drain the grapefruit and get 1/4th cup of juice. Cut the banana in small pieces and toss the pieces in a small bowl of grapefruit juice. It’s ready to consume, if you want you can keep it in fridge for some time and then it will taste more succulent. Have 1 cup of fat free milk along with it.

Diet Benefits: Grapefruit is rich in antioxidant and vitamin content. Grapefruit is low on GI and a great alternative for sugary sweets. It gives vitamin C to the body. Bananas are good source of potassium, fiber, vitamin B6, manganese and vitamin C.

  1. Lunch: Red lentil soup with lemon and cilantro:

Take a medium saucepan and add 6 cups of water stir and add chopped onions, garlic, paprika, fresh grounded pepper. Boil it and stir in between. Boil for five minutes and then add red lentils. Let it boil for 15 minutes. Add chopped carrot and boil for 15 minutes again till the soup becomes thick and lentils seem thoroughly cooked. Take close attention so it does not stick at the bottom. Now garnish with cilantro and lemon. It is ready to serve.

Diet Benefits: has a low GI and reduced blood sugar levels. Paprika treats diabetes, cancer and many autoimmune diseases. Carrots protect from type 2 diabetes and full of potent health boosting antioxidants. Cilantro lowers blood sugar levels. Lemon lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and aids in weight loss.

  1. Dinner: Sesame tofu and broccoli salad

Blend 1/4th cup of tahini, 2 minced garlic cloves, 1 tbsp lime juice, sambal oelek and sesame oil, 2 tbsp rice wine vinegar and agave nectar and 1/4th cup tamari. Blend and keep aside. Now take a pan and heat 2 tbsp olive oil and fry tofu for one to two minutes till crust is formed. Now steam the broccoli. Warm the chick peas on a pan with vegetable broth. It should be warm. Keep for few minutes until warm and submerge the blended dressing in hot water until it is liquid. Now add the greens and top with broccoli, dressing chickpeas and tofu. (Divide the dressing accordingly)

Diet benefits: Sambal leads to insulin resistance and lowers cancer as well as heart disease risks. Rice wine vinegar helps to improve blood sugar levels, and treats kidney as well as digestive problems. Tofu is a wonder food for diabetics which is rich in calcium and excellent source of fiber and protein, chickpeas lowers the risk of cancer and heart diseases. Vegetable broth is loaded with fiber and antioxidants and it is very good for overall health of an individual.

Macro value: 1 tbsp grapefruit 64 calories, 7” banana 105 cal, 1 cup Red lentil 140 cal, 1tbsp paprika 6 cal, c1 cup sliced carrots 27 cal , 1 tsp herbs and cilantro leaves 2 cal, 1 tbsp lemon juice 3 cal, 1 ounce sesame seed 161 cal, 1 tsp Tahini 89 cal, Sambal, 1 serving tofu 78 cal, 0.5 calories chick peas 100 calories, 1 cup vegetable broth 12 cal.


Day 6:

  1. Breakfast: Tofu scramble

Cut the potato in small cubes and add olive oil to cook the potato on medium heat. Stir in between. Add onions and sauté for few minutes. Add chopped mushrooms and green pepper and cook on a low flame for 3 to 5 minutes. Secondly, Drain the tofu and put it in large bowl and dry using paper towel. Crumble the tofu with a masher and add all the spices like curry powder and turmeric powder. Stir. Cook for ten minutes on medium heat and now slice avocado and tomatoes next to some spinach. Take some tofu and first mixture. Combine and eat.

Diet benefits: the diet is full of antioxidants and turmeric prevents type 2 diabetes. Tofu offers great benefits to diabetics and all the ingredients completes the nutritional demands of the body.

  1. Lunch: Green salad with black beans and vegetables.

Take two cups of mixed greens and ½ cup of medium tomatoes diced, sliced cucumbers, diced bell pepper and black beans 9 (these should be cooked overnight and kept aside for next day’s lunch). Combine all the ingredients and mix a tbsp of olive oil, 2 tbp of lime juice and a pinch o pepper and salt. Garnish using fresh cilantros.

Diet benefits: Green salad is full of Vitamin A, vitamin K, Folate, etc. Black beans and vegetables Contra

  1. Dinner: Spanish style brown rice

Heat oil in a big skillet and add some sweet pepper and onion. Cook garlic, chopped onions, tomatoes, and green olives on a medium flame for few minutes and add salt to taste. Put ½ cup brown rice which is rich in complex carbs that are good for the body and they give steady energy to the body which takes longer to digest. Stir occasionally and when rice is cooked add some cilantro to serve immediately.

Day 7:

Breakfast: Fruit smoothie

Take 1 cup fat free milk, 6 oz fat free plain yogurt, ½ cup fresh fruits and strawberries, 2 tbsp chopped walnuts and 2 tbsp flax meal. Add some grounded cinnamon and s1 tbsp sugar free syrup if required.

Diet benefits: Cinnamon is a good source of protein and fiber where fiber is very important for the diabetics. Strawberries are full of antioxidants and reduce blood sugar levels in the body. The fruit smoothie is very healthy and satisfying.

Lunch: Egg, avocado toast and blueberries

Take a slice of whole wheat bread and toast it. Now take 1/4th cup of avocado and mash it. Cook a large egg in ¼ tbsp of olive oil. Top the toast with mashed avocados and egg. Add salt and pepper to taste. Along with it eat 3/4th cup of blueberries.

Diet benefits: Avocado prevents dangerous blood sugar spikes. Blueberries are full of antioxidants and lowers blood sugar levels, eggs are rich in protein and the complete meal will fulfill your belly needs.

Dinner: Steak and potatoes

Broil 4 oz of sirloin and bake half potato in oven. Now slice it and put 1 tbsp of olive oil and bake it with garlic roasted asparagus. You need to toss ten medium spears of asparagus in 1 tbsp of olive oil and some chopped garlic. Now bake at 400 F for twenty minutes.

Diet benefits: The benefit of this diet is beneficial for diabetics as asparagus helps the blood sugar levels stay in control. Asparagus is the latest and popular weapon to fight diabetes.

Macro Value: 0.5 cup strawberries 23 cal, 1 serving flax meal 70 cal, 0.5 cup Blueberries 42 cal, 4 ounce sirloin 172 cal, 0.5 cup asparagus 13 cal, 1 serving of potato 145 cal,

Now you know what a diabetic should eat and along with total amount of calories that you will consume a day you also know what benefits different types of food offers. If you are diabetic, it doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself from eating. Eating a balanced diet will help to keep your sugar levels controlled.


The recipes are diabetes friendly and will allow you to cook your meal easily. You will be aware what food can affect your insulin levels in the body and where you need to make changes for staying healthy and it will improve your overall health.


So are you ready to be fit?