5 Best Organic Product That Australian Beauty Swear By

organic product for beautiful skin

Australians are best known for their effortless holistic approach to organic beauty products. There is really a magic in the Aussie water that makes women look even more beautiful with their fresh natural skin glow and gorgeous hair.

Aussies are fond of facials, a well fit complexion and protecting skin from sun impairment. Australian beauties believe, when it comes to makeup, less use is more.


Going for a swim in the Australian salty ocean and after coming out of that salty water, scrubbing the skin with the sand has been a beauty practice since long. They invest more in using natural products for beauty care, facials and medical treatments which makes them less prone to using foundations and concealer. Aussie beauty looks divine with their sea-salt hair and glowing skin which perfectly capture their flawless and serene summer beauty.

Let us see how Australian women maintain their low-cost beauty regimen and what organic beauty products they favor for their healthy skincare and slightly undone messy but glowing hair.


5 Best Organic Product That Australian Beauty Swear By

Know Thy Oils: This has an extraordinary advantage of working as a skin ailment from acne to psoriasis.  It is best used by diluting a few drops of tea tree oil with shampoo to be massaged on the scalp to stimulate hair follicles or to be applied directly on the skin for nourishing and hydrating, preferably twice a day. It is an antibacterial agent where it can be used in addition to olive oil to treat chicken pox, psoriasis, open sores. Jojoba oil and tea tree oil is used to make the skin hydrated and soft, remove acne scars and acts as an antiseptics. Basil oils is an organic beauty product which works due to its antibacterial property works as skin care treatment for irritation, skin sores, itching and for various minor skin diseases. This leafy herb if mixed with rose water and lime juice works well for reducing pimples and acne, therefore maintaining the overall health of hair and skin.

Coconut Oil: Pure, unrefined coconut oil is extensively used in skin care, body care and hair growth. It is used to improve the health of scalp, treat split ends, moisturizing and strengthening hair roots and improving the natural glow of hair. As it can remove bacteria, it has been traditionally used as a disinfectant in removing nail fungus, minor injuries and itchy skin.

Exfoliating Scrubs: Natural pink lips always add to the beauty of smile. Beetroot paste is a natural home remedy beauty trick, Australian women mostly use for making their lips plumber, healthier and baby soft. It is not only safe for use but also maintains the moisture of the lips, helping it to remain hydrated and pink.

Papaya Pulp Ointment: Australia has an access to abundant papaya whose pulp is extracted to be widely used in Australian beauty products which is very useful in healing cracked, dry and sunburned skin, feet, hands. It works wonder in heat rashes, pimples and in treating eczema.

Activated charcoal: This fine black powder made from coconut shells and carbon is highly effective in teeth whitening, removing gum plague, teeth stain and promoting healthy gum. Due to its vast range of benefits, it has become the best teeth whitening powder in Australia and the best teeth whitener to naturally whiten and brighten teeth.

These are the quick and easy home remedy that Aussie beauty follows in their beauty regimen to get lassie-faire beach ready hair texture and ever rejuvenated and gorgeous skin. These are the top five beauty secrets that Aussie women follow as a natural and organic remedy for hair and skincare.